Frequently Asked Questions

- Do you serve alcohol?

Yes! We serve an assortment of local beer, wine, and mixed drinks.

- How much does it cost to play?

The entry fee is $5 per person , which gives you access to all of our facilities, including the kitchen, bar, and our extensive library of tabletop games!

- Are there any exceptions to paying the entry fee?

Yes! If you are a DM for a DND session, playing MTG, or simply having some food or drink, in most cases, if you are not using the game library then you don't have to pay the entry fee.

- Should I order at the counter?

Nope! We are in fact a full service restaurant, and so we have a team of waiters and waitresses to take your orders and bring your bill at the end of the night.

- Do you do DnD events? If so where can i sign up?

Yes! If you want to get put into our list of DnD players ad participants, please fill out this quick survey so we can match you with other players for you to experience the game with!

- Can I bring my own games?

Yes, but the $5 per person table fee still applies.

- What is your reservation policy?

Do you take reservations? Because of the nature of our business, where tables may remain occupied for hours, we don't currently take reservations. However, we do have call ahead seating, so feel free to call an hour before your party arrives and we can hold a table for you. We also request that you call ahead for any party of 6 or more, so we can be prepared (as we are a small business!)

- Do you accept game donations?

Yes! Feel free to drop off any unwanted games any time we are open (11-11 daily!).

- Are you wheelchair accessible?

Are you wheelchair accessible? While we currently do not have ADA compliant restrooms, we do have a portable ramp we are happy to put out to allow wheelchair users to easily enter and play games.

The Castle - A Board Game Cafe

240 Rantoul Street

Beverly, MA 01915 ​

Telephone: 978-969-1719

Monday-Tuesday Closed





Reservations are highly recommended.

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