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Join an adventure...

The Castle presents our official system of Tabletop Roleplays with professional house DMs ensuring the best possible gaming experience!

Whether you are a seasoned player or this will be your first time playing, there's something for everyone. Be sure to check out our event calendar for the latest events and reserve your spot.

For private events, email

Our Events

Reserve your Spot Here

D&D One Shots

One and Done Adventure

Whether this is your first or 500th time playing a table-top roleplaying game, you're in for an exciting adventure with this event!

Family and Young Gamer DnD

For Early Adventurers

Do you have children who you think would love DND? Do you love DND? Even if you don't know anything about the game but want to learn for you and your children come to this specially run event geared toward younger players!
For ages 10-14

Alternative Systems

Beyond Classic DnD

While we love Dungeons and Dragons, we know there's so many more systems worth exploring. If you're looking to try something new, this is the place to do it.


For a more in depth experience

Looking to go beyond a one shot to a longer adventure? Sign up for one of our 6-8 week campaigns. Sign up for our TTRPG newsletter below to know the latest.

Private Events

Your own personal adventure.

From bachelor parties to birthday parties or for folks who already have their adventuring group assembled, private events are the best way to go. Sign up here to start the process of your personalized adventure.

Independant Campaigns

Seeking Party Members

Don't need an official House DM but just seeking other players to fill out a party? Sign up for our TTRPG newsletter below to be informed of new groups and events!

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