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Retail Sale and Used Game Auction 

Kick off your holiday shopping with a great event

to benefit Beverly Bootstraps!

Sunday, November 20, 9a-11a

  • New games and other merchandise sold at a discounted price

  • Used games from our collection sold at bargain prices

  • Want to auction your used games? Drop them off with the below PDF filled out by 10pm on November 17th!






How does the auction work?

1. Bidding begins at on 11/20/2021 at 9am.

2. Bidding ends at on 11/20/2021 at 11am.

3. The auction items each have opening bids posted.

4. Bidders must use their bidder number in place of their name. Bidder numbers are assigned at the time of registration upon arrival.

5. Bids must meet the minimum increment of $5. Bids that do not meet the minimum will be disqualified.

6. Bidders may bid multiple times on the same item, as long as their bid meets the minimum increment.

7. The bidder with the highest bid for each item agrees to pay the full amount of their bid.

8. The bidder with the highest bid for each item must pay the full amount of their bid before their item can be retrieved.

9. The winning bidder must pick up their items by the end of the week (11/27/2022) or items are forfeited.

10. All sales are final. Exchanges or refunds are not permitted. All items are “as is.”

Questions? Email

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